For Rs. 100 you can buy an entrance ticket to the fishing harbour of Beruwala; a visit is certainly worth the money, but don’t mind the penetrating smell of fish, it’s all part of the scene. The best time to visit is during the early morning hours, when the boats arrive and the fish being unloaded and sold. The hustle and bustle in the harbour is the perfect setting to make some wonderful pictures. Even if you can’t make it early morning, the afternoon will also give you opportunities in abundance to make some memorable shots. The huge collection of brightly coloured fishing boats are a delight for your eyes and will keep you fascinated. On the background you will notice the elegant Kechamalay Mosque, from which you can also perfectly observe the fishing harbour. There are still traces of the 2004 Tsunami; boats that are still left in the harbour and ashore, a grim reminder of this harmful tragedy.

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