Have you ever heard of Barberyn Island? No, well that’s not so strange, because most of the people don’t know that on this particular spot a lighthouse was built as a beacon to warn the approaching vessels that they had reached the coastal area of Sri Lanka. More important is that this particular lighthouse off the shores of Beruwala served as a major indicator to provide the direction of the vessels bound for the Maldives. All vessels bound for the Maldives had to turn here. Climbing the 110 feet tall lighthouse to the top rewards you with a stunning view on Beruwala and its beautiful scenic coastline. It’s a particular beautiful spot to watch the sunset from here. It takes just a 10 minute’s boatride to reach the eight acres big island, grown over with palm trees and other interesting flora.

The lighthouse was built by the British in 1889 and is still operational. Since 1984 the maintenance has come under responsibility of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority. Five lighthouse keepers take care of the lighthouse and the island. Daily between 6.30 p.m. and 6.30 a.m. a powerful series of 20 bulbs spreads its 5000 watts over the Indian Ocean every minute.


Hotels in the area may arrange for you a boat to transport you to and from the island. They will charge you approximately Rps. 2,500 per boat, although the price depends on the size of the boat. Be prepared that during the monsoon period the sea might be quite rough and a boat ride not possible or be an adventurous ride. Make sure that life vests are available.

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