Cycling (in Sri Lanka they also call it push biking or foot biking) is not a very popular activity among Sri Lankans, although in the Negombo area you’ll see many guys on racing bikes. Cycling is for the poor and in this climate when you perspire more is what the Sri Lankans don’t like. With tourists it’s different. Westerners love it making a joyful bicycle tour, even if the weather is hot. In Sri Lanka there is a lot to see in the rural areas. Beautiful rice fields, lined with palm trees make a picturesque décor to enjoy during your tour. There are tour operators which organize cycle tour. They mostly know the nice spots, but it’s also nice to set out your own tour across a specific area or across the country. It is advisable to take your own bike or to rent a bicycle locally. You can even buy a bicycle in Sri Lanka and sell it at the end of your tour. Bags for your luggage can best be bought in your country. For the mountainous areas and cross country cycling it’s better to take a mountain bike.

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