One of the latest projects of the Urban Development Authority (UDA) in Colombo is the Floating Market on the banks of the San Sebastian Canal, right behind the Bastian Bus Terminal, opened in August 2014. The Floating Market is part of a master plan to redevelop large areas of the City of Colombo after the Civil War, which ended in 2009. Due to the war, little could be accomplished, but in a rapid speed Colombo is getting a great make-over. The Floating Market is certainly a pretty area to walk about. Some 90 small shops are elegantly positioned along and on the San Sebastian Canal, once the trade route for the Dutch to transport their cinnamon from the inland plantations in the North West to the warehouses on Lake Beira. The Floating Market is also well received by the local people; it is a clean area where you can buy all kinds of goods, vegetables and fruits at affordable prices. At both ends you will find a bake house and a food court, while among the shops there are many small eating places where you can get a cool drink and short eats. Fountains and weekend boat rides cheer-up the place. It is a nice point to terminate your Pettah exploration. 

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