This temple is situated on the junction of two busy main roads. You can’t miss it because of the big white dagoba that dominates the junction. As soon as you enter the small temple complex, you will be confronted with a huge golden statue of the Buddha in a sitting position. Facing this statue on the right side there is a newly built structure, which commemorates 2600 years Buddhism. It’s a small three storey building with inside a meditation room, the walls covered with 2600 small white Buddha statues, donated by devotees, each statue having a small blue light in front of it, a very special sight. On the third floor is a richly decorated copper bell shaped pagoda behind locked doors, a gift from MahindaRajapaksha, the former president of the country, who opened the building in 2012. The first floor houses a small exposition of artifacts given by foreigners and devotees. Connected to this building, on the ground floor, there is a Buddhist book and gift shop with a large collection of books about Buddhism in Singhalese and English. On the left side of the Buddha statue, in front of the dagoba, is a small building, the residence of the former chief incumbent of the temple, who was killed in a terrorist attack in 1987. The dagobe is a white open bell shaped structure. On the inside walls there are murals about the Buddha visiting the various places when he came to Sri Lanka. The temple is a bit noisy to visit for meditations, but there is a large basement with the sound kept outside, however, it is currently under reconstruction and not usable for meditations right now. The planning is to attract foreigners for meditation courses in the future.



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