At least once a year the family goes on a trip if they can afford it, mostly around holidays. Sri Lankans rarely travel abroad, because it is very difficult to obtain a visa. Moreover for the majority of the people it is too expensive, since the only way to leave the country is by air. Packed with sometimes up to 15 family members in a hired van the trip is being made. Favourite destinations are the upcountry, and religious places such as Kataragama, Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak) and Anuradhapura. Pots, pans, food and other cooking utensils are also taken, so that the women can cook the meals for the families. They regularly sleep with family members, friends, in cheap guesthouses or they hire a house. April is the busiest holiday month and the top destination is Nuwara Eliya. Flocks of young adult boys hire vans and enjoy a trip in the upcountry. At that time Nuwara Eliya has been converted into a big open air party center. Horse- and car races are being organized and a lot of alcohol being consumed. Accommodation is difficult to find at that time.