Sri Lankans are proud of their hospitality; treating a guest like a king is a big honour for a Sri Lankan family. Whenever you are invited by a Sri Lankan family to their house, it mostly means that you have been invited for lunch. An invitation without a meal is not a good invitation. Bring a small gift for your host, preferable from your own country. After you have been seated in the living room, the host sometimes comes with a glass of water on a saucer and offers it to you and then to all other guests in the room. You are not supposed to drink the water, but only touch the saucer with your fingertips. The same glass will be offered to all the people to invite them for the meal. In contrary to many other countries, the meal will not be accompanied by the hosts’ family. You will be served by the male host, while the females stay in the kitchen. Sometimes the male host and his adult sons will join you.