When there is no written history of an ancient place, it could be quite a puzzle to reveal the story of that particular site. This is also the case of the Kota Vehera and the Neelagiri Maha Seya. It regards two large dagobas about 12 km north of Pottuvil. The question marks of the Kota Vehera have not yet been answered in any way. Around the dagoba remains of some pillars, urinals and carved imprints of the Buddha’s feet have been found. However, increasing excavations could reveal more about the secrets of this mysterious dagoba.

Extensive restoration works of the dagoba at Neelagiri Maha Seya by the Archeological Department has shown inscriptions indicating that a donation has been made by a queen. The civil war has made it impossible to avoid that the dagoba had been taken over by the jungle. It is now in the process of an extensive restoration. With a circumference of 600 feet and a height of 72 feet it is the largest dagoba in Eastern Province. Remains of pillars near the dagoba indicate that it must have been a part of a larger monastic complex. Further excavations will most probably bring more light into the history of this complex.



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