The upper west part of Fort is a quite unknown piece of Colombo because it had been closed for the public for many years during the civil war. Nowadays this area is accessible again for the public and worth a visit. Immediately on the Indian Ocean the Lighthouse was built on this spot since the Clocktower Lighthouse was no longer effective, because it was surrounded by buildings and no longer visible from the sea on behalf of approaching sea vessels. Therefore in the nineteen fifties the authorities decided to build a new lighthouse. It has an impressive elevated base from which you have a wonderful view on Galle Face, the Indian Ocean and the newly built South Colombo harbour. The four corners are decorated with majestic lions. In the same place you will found a battery of canons, being used on Independence Day, when the independence of Sri Lanka is celebrated on the 4th of February each year. A little further down the road you can’t miss the huge dagoba which is built on four immense stilts to remind the approaching foreign ships that Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country. You can ascent the dagoba via a stairway. The view from the dagoba on the surrounding area is beautiful. Inside the Dagoba is a collection of murals to be seen, representing the life of Lord Buddha. On the foot of the Dagoba you will find a small maritime museum (entrance is free). It is mainly the collection of paintings all over the place that gives you a nice impression about the arrival of different persons in Sri Lanka and the development of Colombo Harbour. The road ends at this point, although the St. Peter’s Church and the Grand Oriental Hotel are on a stone thrown distance, but the small strip in between is a security area and closed to the public. Opposite the Lighthouse is a restaurant where you can obtain a meal or refreshments.

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