This Hindu temple is around 100 years old and situated a little inside, on the eastside of the Galle Road; an entrance gate gives access to the temple, but nowadays it is only open during temple hours. The decorations of the entrance tower and around the roof are colourful and consist of figures derived from the Hindu mythology. This is done to make it easier for the priests to explain the related myths to the followers, who are not always literate. Like the Old Kathiresan Kovil in Pettah, the temple has recently been decorated and is dedicated to Skanda (God Kataragama), the God of war, victory and peace. There is a connection between these two temples and the kovil in Kataragama, which is also dedicated to Skanda. The kovil is mainly known because of the annual procession from the Old to the New Kathiresan Kovil during the Vel festival, that lasts from mid-July to mid-August, also known as the Chariot Perahera. (see also Kathiresan Kovil Pettah).

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