On the very same place where once the Kayman’s Gate stood, called Gas Works Junction, you can also find the Old Town Hall. It’s a forgotten sight amidst the busy traffic and market activities behind the building. It used to serve as the Colombo Town Hall between 1896 and 1917, when the new Town Hall in Cinnamon Gardens was finished, being in a far more prestigious area and up to the standard of a town hall for a big city like Colombo. The Old Town Hall, however, is a beauty of a building, but neglected and abandoned. The premises house a fire brigade and a museum (Municipal Museum). The question is if this is really a museum or a random collection of all kind of old stuff with a caretaker and no entrance tickets. You can find here things such as old steam-rollers, street sign boards, municipal vehicles, printing presses etc.; a weird place, but interesting to visit. However don’t expect a nicely organized museum with explanation boards about the items. On the second floor of the Town Hall you may find a scene of wax figures, depicting a municipal council meeting, a very interesting scene, worth seeing.

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It is advisable to give the person who shows you the meeting room with wax figures a tip for showing the room.

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