In the middle of the marshland and paddy fields, near the Attidiya Bird Sanctuary, a small, but busy temple has been built, which is being visited by a high number of devotees. Especially during holidays, weekends and in the late afternoon it can be full of people there. Some cows are wandering around within the complex, a monk preparing his sermon soon to be recited, worshippers going here and there with offerings and lighting small oil lamps; this whole scene is a reflection of activities that can be seen in an ordinary Buddhist temple. Everything representing a Buddhist temple is there: the Bodhi tree, a dagoba, a table to prepare the offerings, Buddha statues, an image house, a residence for the monks and a long line of stalls, selling flowers, incense and oil to light the lamps. The temple is situated on the eastern edge of Dehiwila, east of the Bellanwila Temple and can be reached from there on foot. Follow the Dehiwala road along the Attidiya Bird Sanctuary. Many stalls with fresh fruit juice, king coconut and other refreshments can be found along the road. After about one kilometer, on the east side of the road there is a pavilion where you can also buy refreshments and snacks. Alongside the sanctuary there is a foot and cycle path (bicycles are for hire here), encircling the sanctuary, which you can follow for about 1,5 kilometers before you reach the Pillawa Temple lane, a pleasant walk or bicycle ride in a part of Colombo where you imagine yourself in the countryside, instead of a big city. 

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