Rafting is a water sport on rivers and lakes by an inflatable rubber raft. There are two types of rafting: flat water rafting and white water rafting. Flat rafting is paddling downstream on a river. In Sri Lanka it can be down on the Mahaweli River from Mahyangana to the mouth of the river near Trincomalee; an expedition of several days, leading through one of the biggest National Parks in Sri Lanka. White water rafting is done on a river with several differences in altitude. In Sri Lanka the Keleni River is famous four white water rafting. Kitulgala is a well known centre for this sport. There are several degrees in difficulties, so the experienced, as well as the inexperienced can enjoy a white water adventure in Sri Lanka. This very same river is also famous for kayaking, going downstream in a covered canoe maneuvering with a single double-bladed paddle. 

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