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Accommodation is an important part of a journey. Some people find it an essential element of their holiday and have high expectations of the places where they are going to stay. Others prefer to spend a limited amount of money for accommodation and more money on other parts of their trip. There are travelers who like to make a careful planning of the selection of their accommodation, but there are also people who have no clear idea of a planning and select their accommodation on the spot. For all these categories of travelers this website offers a vast and detailed range of places to stay, be it a budget traveler or a businessman, you can find the right place for you on this website.

How to select the right accommodation

As selecting the accommodation that reflexes your taste and meets your expectations - especially when the place where you will stay during your journey is very important for you - we advise you to carefully go through the list of accommodations in this website. Therefore we have composed a checklist to make it easier for you to select your favourite place to stay.

Checklist to help you find your favourite place to stay: see separate folder.

Types of accommodation