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Guesthouses are small hotels run by private families. The guests are accommodated in adjacent buildings or elsewhere. The service is quite personal; however there is a wide variety in standard and level of service. Some guesthouses have an excellent reputation because of the superb attention of the hosts. In tourist places like Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna there are many guesthouses that have a crowd of repeated visitors from abroad, as well as local tourists. They know how to create a fancy atmosphere and how to entertain their guests. This was very obvious after the 2004 Tsunami, which generated a flow of aid from regular visitors to help rebuilding their premises. Accordingly, prices also vary, dependant on the accommodation and location of the guesthouse. The guesthouses in Colombo and in famous tourist places are generally more expensive. Just like the homestays, you may find some wonderful guesthouses against reasonable prices all over the country. Meals are generally available in these accommodations. There are interesting deals in off season periods.