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Sri Lanka (at that time called Ceylon) had been ruled by colonial powers for 450 years and its influence is still touchable. The British colonial period has left a number of interesting buildings and hotels from that time. The first colonial hotels were established from 1864 to accommodate arriving colonists from Britain in Colombo and Galle. Moreover, the colonial government has built many so called resthouses countrywide to accommodate their traveling administrators. The majorities of these resthouses still exists and now accommodate tourists. However, many of those have been outdated and urgently need extended renovation, which is currently going on. Real jewels of colonial architecture are now becoming available in Sri Lanka. You can have yourself being pampered in an ambiance of the colonial era. Several historic buildings are currently being transformed in stunning boutique hotels, as well as restaurants and lounges, of which many of them are to be found in Galle Fort and in Colombo.