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The possibility to get a taste of Sri Lankan family life is staying with them in their house. The concept is already quite known in the Western counties (Bed & Breakfast) and in a process of rapid development in Sri Lanka, mainly provided by growing middle class families. The government is quite actively promoting these so called homestays in Sri Lanka. Accommodation of superb quality is available all over the country in touristic areas with some wonderful hosting families. There are government approved homestays, websites with homestays and just private people who like to welcome you at their homes. It is a way for the local population to be actively involved in and profit from tourism. It benefits especially the lower and middle class families. There is a wide range of homestays available in Sri Lanka, from high standard accommodation compared with a luxury hotel to simple accommodation in small villages and in the countryside. It’s a great experience for the tourists who want to meet the locals and get to know the country from a different perspective. Sri Lankans are famous for their great hospitality.