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An elegant place to stay

Crossing the bridge over de Bentota River coming from Colombo, your immediate impression of this fine beach resort is one of elegance. The entrance to this coastal resort has a park-like setting. It is not along the main road where most of the accommodation is allocated, but around a coastal road that turns right directly after the bridge. Soon the road splits again in a southbound and a northbound direction. The northbound road is a long dead-end road on a land tongue with on the westside the Indian Ocean with the beautiful beaches and on the east side the wide, lagoon-like mouth of the Bentota River, full of wonderful opportunities for a wide range of watersports. On the other side of the river lies Aluthgama with many small hotels and restaurants, where you can enjoy your stay or have a mouthwatering meal on the gorgeous river bank. On several points there are foot ferry connections to the land tongue of Bentota to reach the beach for a sea bath. Turn left on the junction and you will meet a number of big prestigious resort and boutique hotels, as well as some wonderful guesthouses and bed and & breakfast accommodation; for each taste and every budget there is something available in Bentota.


Bentota is the number one water sports destination in Sri Lanka due to its sublime natural setting and together with its golden pristine beaches it attracts many foreigners, as well as local people, especially on holidays. Bentota is situated 60 km south of Colombo and was the first in its kind to become a high-end beach destination. The resort has expanded considerably during the last decade with many comfortable guesthouses and homestays against reasonable prices too.