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Mirissa has been discovered!

Only a few years ago this beach was considered by many as the most beautiful beach of Sri Lanka and still undiscovered, hidden behind trees and houses of the main road.

However, time goes on and so does the development of tourism in Sri Lanka; Mirissa could no longer be kept as a secret tropical paradise , where you could have almost the entire beach for yourself and waning yourself being the only one who had discovered this unique piece of paradise.

The beautiful golden sandy beach is situated along a splendid crescent-shaped bay, one of the most beautiful and intimate bays on the south coast, at the southern tip of Sri Lanka and is famous for its spectacular sunsets. It has only recently been discovered by the large public and so having triggered a boom in tourism in this once sleeping fishing village. The number of guesthouses is growing rapidly, mainly extended homestays, which is good for the local economy and so does the number of small eateries appear in an increasing rate. Those mainly used to be ‘hotels’ serving food and snacks for the locals, but now adjusting to the taste of the large tourism public Here you can enjoy your coffee, kottu, rice and curry or  western breakfast against very reasonable prices. These places are mostly to be found along the main road, although more and more restaurants can now also be seen right on the beach, where the cool beer, cocktails, soft drinks and coffees are available without the necessity of leaving the beach for your favourite drink.

Apart from the food and drinks nowadays there is also an increasing number of watersports and diving equipment available for hire, like surfboards and jetties. Nowadays diving schools and surf instructors have settled down in Mirissa, because it is also a good surfing, snorkeling and diving destination. It has a beautiful wave for surfing, with mainly a sand bottom and here and there a reef, which is very suitable for beginners. The wave may reach a height of 5 ft.


When you walk away from the crowded part of the beach northwards, you will discover that there are still quiet places if you prefer some rest, while on the other side of the bay, southwards, there is a much quieter beach, also used by fishermen, but very few tourists come to this part, maybe because it has not the ultimate beauty like the famous bay, hence very suitable for a meditation and for the rest seeker.

Whale and dolphin watching


Apart from the famous beach, Mirissa is above all THE starting point to watch whales and dolphins. Particularly this part off the south coast is known and the place where whales are regularly being spotted. Watching stations up the hill are searching the ocean with binoculars for whales. Regularly whales can be seen. When successfully spotted the information about the location is transmitted to the tourist boats on the spot at that moment. Success rates are high. Many tour companies operate boat rides on a daily basis, often in the morning hours. Just as interesting is the flocks of dolphins gathering around the boats and accompanying them.