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outdoor activities

Outdoor activities take place outside buildings and urban areas. Sometimes they are somewhat adventurous, but mainly not dangerous and easy accessible for all ages.

Sri Lanka is a very nice country to do various outdoor activities. Many parts of the country are quite unspoiled and it has a great natural beauty. To mention some of the different outdoor activities you can do in Sri Lanka we think of hiking, cycling, rafting, whitewater rafting, kayaking, canoeing, horseback riding, golfing and of course many sorts of water sports.

For most of the outdoor activities we advise you to do them under professional guidance for your own safety. There are tour operators in Sri Lanka which are specialized in outdoor activities.


(One day) hiking, cycling and walking can easily be done by travelers themselves with a good map. Try to avoid the main road, not only because it is safer, but also to really get to know rural life and the scenic landscape of Sri Lanka. Cycling trips can also be made with a guide who is familiar with the most beautiful spots.