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There are four main religious streams in Sri Lanka: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity, of which Buddhism is the dominating religion in Sri Lanka. Approximately 71% of the population is Buddhist. The Christians make the smallest group of the four religions; 6,1% are Roman Catholic and 1,3% are Protestant. Islam is the third largest religion in Sri Lanka; 9,23%, while Hinduism is the second religion in Sri Lanka; 12,6% of the Sri Lankans is Hindu. Besides, there is also a very small minority of Jews in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankans make a difference between Roman Catholics and Christians, instead of Roman Catholics and Protestants, which can be confusing in conversations. In Sri Lanka it is compulsory to have a religion. One cannot have a registration without religion. Therefore many Sri Lankans take the religion of their parents, even if they are not convinced or have little knowledge of the contents of their religion. Religions in Sri Lanka are also important to express one’s identity and many people are proud of their religion.