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Weddings, Honeymoons and Special Anniversaries in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations to choose for the celebration of your wedding, as well as to enjoy your honeymoon or any other anniversary. Everything is available to make the day of your life and your honeymoon and your special event a lifetime experience, just for the two of you or together with your family and close friends. Moreover you will get more value for money. Superb accommodation, excellent service, delicious food, a wonderful climate, a tropical décor, a range of wedding dresses, top beauty salons, a rich offer of cultural traditions which may be incorporated in the ceremony and a country that has everything available for you according to your interest, except snow!; the perfect stage to plan your romantic wedding, honeymoon or anniversary. It will be beyond your expectations.

Getting married in Sri Lanka

Although a lot of the wedding preparations will be done in Sri Lanka, whenever you have chosen to get married in Sri Lanka, you should be well prepared, like you would have done with a marriage in your home country, but instead you will have a vivid communication with your wedding planner in Sri Lanka by email, sms and skype. The easiest way is to have your wedding organized by the manager of your accommodation you have chosen for your wedding. Under this header only hotels are mentioned which have a reputable experience in organizing weddings for foreigners. They are mostly well experienced and have gained an excellent record among foreign wedding couples. Non Sri Lankans mostly prefer four or five star boutique hotels because of the exquisite atmosphere, the size of the hotel and the personal service of management and staff. Some of the smaller hotels require that you hire the entire hotel for up to three nights. Most hotels offer various wedding packages, but your personal touch can be included in the package. It must be said that Sri Lanka has an outstanding reputation in organizing weddings for foreigners.

Whether you want a wedding with Sri Lankan or Buddhist traditions incorporated or a Western wedding, the wedding planner will fulfill your wishes beyond your expectations. Wedding costumes and attributes can be hired or bought in Sri Lanka.

Your wedding may also being held in various locations, e.g. by including a train ride when you are with a large number of guests. The ‘Viceroy Special’ is a luxury train, pulled by an antique steam locomotive. It consists of 2 coaches, a restaurant car with a fully equipped kitchen and a bar. However, the train is only available as a charter. The most popular routes are the Mainline through the scenic mountains, the Colombo to Kandy line and the Coastal Line.


Down below you will find a checklist with as many options as possible to help you in planning your wedding. In case you appreciate some help in preparing your wedding in Sri Lanka, you may contact our ‘Travel Consultant’ (see separate header in this website).


Marriage Official and Marriage License – with translation
Car (regular or old timer)
Invitation cards
Wedding dress and costume (Western style or traditional)
Bridal Bouquet and button hole for groom
Setting for a Reception
Kandyan Drummers & Fire Eaters
Wedding Cake

Bottle of Champagne
Lunch or Dinner
Coctails and wines
High Tea
Massage for Bride and Groom
Make-up and Hair Artist for Bride
Traditional Sri Lankan Oil Lamp
Elephant for picture session
Poruwa (Sinhalese wedding podium)
Fireworks after Dinner
Floral Decorations for Tables
Marquee for Reception and Seated Dinner
Audio System for Speeches
Extra Marquee for Ceremony
Flowers for Ceremony marquee
Additional Floral Decorations
Fresh Confetti
Monks for Buddhist Blessing
Music – String Quartet & Entertainment
Jazz Singer


Important information for your planned wedding in Sri Lanka

The legal age for getting married in Sri Lanka is 18 years. A parental approval is needed for those under the age of 21 years.


The wedding couple should stay for a minimum of four nights in Sri Lanka of which three nights prior to the wedding date (a mandatory requirement);

The following list of documents must be provided to the wedding planner before the couple arrives in Sri Lanka:

  • Photocopy of the birth certificate (the original to be provided upon arrival).
  • Photocopy of valid passport (the original to be provided upon arrival).
  • Details of names, addresses and occupations of the couple to be married.
  • Details of parents’ names, occupations and addresses.
  • An affidavit, confirming the marital status of the bride and groom prior to the wedding, which should be signed by a solicitor with a company stamp.
  • If either party to the marriage is divorced, a decree absolute proving the lawful termination of the previous marriage must be presented prior to the wedding ceremony.
  • If widowed, a death certificate of the former spouse.
  • If adopted, an adoption certificate.
  • If names have been changed prior to the wedding, legal proof of change of names.

You will receive a wedding certificate in Sinhalese, mostly immediately after the wedding, which must be translated into English to have your wedding legalized in your own country. The translation might take a few days.



Honeymoon is that special period after your wedding which you would like to take back as a unique experience never to forget.

Sri Lanka is mentioned as the top destination in the world for weddings and honeymoons. This is not a surprise, knowing that the country is dotted with splendid, high quality boutique hotels with excellent management and staff. Moreover it has a wide range of wonderful resort hotels with all kinds of entertainment, fine dine facilities in a romantic setting, so that you won’t have to leave your hotel and just absorb all the experiences of the tropical atmosphere in its full extend.  Apart from the wide collection of wonderful hotels, Sri Lanka is very rich in culture with ancient monuments dating back to the old Buddhist kingdoms and the colonial period and has beautiful scenery, especially in the hill country with extended tea estates and great waterfalls. Unspoiled beaches and a rich wildlife complete your visit to this small country, known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Special anniversaries


Sri Lanka is not only the perfect destination for your wedding or honeymoon, but also an excellent country to select for the celebration of a special event in your life; you name it, a wedding anniversary, a retirement, a crown year birthday, a degree celebration, etc.

Sri Lanka is a country of an outstanding beauty because of the wide variety of places of interest and the high standard of accommodations. You will receive a warm welcome by the people, who will make your celebration to a great and unforgettable experience.

Travel Consultant


You may ask for assistance in planning your perfect wedding, honeymoon or anniversary celebration in Sri Lanka from our Travel Consultant (see the spate header in this website)