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Sri Lanka had been colonized for a period of 450 years during the last 500 years. Not because it is such a beautiful country, but for its spices. There was a lot of money to be earned in this field. Sri Lanka is most known for its cinnamon. The quality is the best in the world, but the country also grows pepper, chilis and medical herbs. The latter ones can be found and explained in the many spice gardens to be found around the country. There is a high concentration of spice gardens along the road between Matale and Kandy. The entrance to the spice gardens is free, but instead people expect you to buy something from their shops. Many spice gardens offer a free hand, foot, shoulders and sometimes even full body massage. It’s common to tip the masseur as well. If you miss to visit the spice garden and you are still interested in buying spices, a herbal cream or oil, you can go to one of the specialized shops in the cities.