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Transportation is one of the main components of the traveler to Sri Lanka. In the first place there are several airlines flying directly to Sri Lanka from various places in Asia and Europe (see the header: How to reach Sri Lanka?). There are no other options for passengers to enter Sri Lanka than by air. In the future there will be a ferry connection from India to Mannar in the north west of Sri Lanka. A rail connection from the ferry terminal in Mannar to Colombo is under construction. Within Sri Lanka there are several ways to travel around and to reach your destination. Although prices are not excessive, the differences in prices for transportation can be high, for example to travel from Colombo to Galle in Southern Sri Lanka, a third class one way train ticket will cost you Rps. 120 (Euro 0,82), a bus ticket Rps. 220, the Highway touring car Rps. 450 and a van or taxi about Rps. 9,000. Of course there is a big difference in comfort between traveling with public transportation and private vehicle, but there is a choice to make, according to your budget. Take into consideration that if you like to make many nice pictures, public transportation is less suitable. With a private vehicle you can stop wherever you want to. Just read the following chapter carefully to get a good idea about how to move around in this beautiful country.