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It is a unique and wonderful experience to fly with a plane, seaplane or helicopter over Sri Lanka and enjoy the beauty of this country and the fares are reasonable. Moreover it is very convenient to be at your destination within one hour from Colombo Airport and avoid the traffic jams in and around Colombo.
Sri Lanka has an extended network of domestic flights by sea planes and other small aircrafts, such as helicopters.
Several air taxi companies operate regular flights to major destinations; others organize joy flights and charters. Nowadays there are several companies that offer scenic flight against a reasonable price, especially if you can share with other passengers, mostly up to six. The views from the air are stunning.
There are at least six companies operating flights by planes and helicopter: Cinnamon Air, Sri Lanka Air Taxi, a branch of Sri Lankan Airlines, Millennium Airlines, Fly Sri Lanka and Fits Air for scheduled flights from Colombo Ratmalana Airport to Jaffna. Fits Air also operates charter flight within Sri Lanka. Helicopter services are available with Air Senok.