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Although boat rides are not available on a large scale because of the country’s geology, a boat ride will be a wonderful experience. Most of the boat rides can be made on Sri Lanka’s rivers (in Singhalese called: ganga). The rides will take you through a stunning jungle area with a rich flora and fauna and it sometimes involve a picnic or lunch on the way, visiting local villages. Most of these boat rides are available from a few hours to a full day on the rivers along the west coast of Sri Lanka. In and around Negombo you can make boat trips on the Dutch canal, in the old colonial days being constructed by the Dutch to transport spices to Colombo during the monsoon period. On the Mahaweli river, the longest river of Sri Lanka, you can make boat trips up till 4 days in special rafts, passing national parks and very remote areas. These rides are not cheap, but a once in a lifetime experience. Sri Lanka has many lakes, mostly reservoirs, which the Sri Lankans call ‘tanks’. On several of them you can make nice boat rides. Finally there are trips you can make on the ocean from several touristic centers to go for fishing or whale and dolphin watching. A famous place for whale watching is Merissa in southern Sri Lanka.