Next to the Grand Oriental Hotel, in Church Street, there is a small Anglican Church, a hidden jewel, only accessible through a narrow strip along the Grand Hotel building, because it is situated within a security zone. At the entrance blooming flower pots give you a happy welcome to the St. Peter’s church. The church is a sea farers mission, although not many sea farers visit the church nowadays. The inside is simple, but of a serene beauty; the perfect place to sit down and pray, come into contact with your soul or just to relax for some moments. The church was originally a part of the Dutch governor’s residence. It was first used for divine service in 1804 and was consecrated in 1821. Formerly it was the Garrison Church. There are services being held every Wednesday at 12.30 pm and every Sunday at 11.00 am, but the congregation can be counted on one hand. 

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