Surfers’ Paradise

A busy traffic of Tuktuks in the early morning, loaded with surf boards on their roofs, on the way to the different surfing points in the area, is the characteristic scene of a typical high season day in Arugam Bay.

Listed in the top of the 10 best surfing places in the world (third best place), Arugam Bay is undoubtedly the best location in Sri Lanka for an ultimate surfing holiday. There are at least 13 interesting natural surfing points in the area, from beginner’s level to the very challenging ones; being able to experience an unforgettable surfing adventure.The season runs from April to October, with a peak during the months July and August. There are so many surfing points in and around Arugam Bay that surfers of all levels can have an enjoyable time in this famous beach resort. The water is warm, crystal clear and is shark free. Waves reach a height between 1,5 and 2,5 meters. Down below you will find a table with all the surfing points, the levels and a small description to make it easier to select the most suitable surfing point for you. The best way to reach a surfing point is to take a 3-wheeler (tuktuk) to bring you to your destination. Get the telephone number of the taxi driver, so that he can pick you up again and bring you back to your accommodation. In case you don’t bring your equipment along with you, there are sufficient surfing shops where you can hire everything you need. They mostly provide surfing instructors too, if necessary.