Surrounded by the skyscrapers of modern Colombo Fort in the corner of a parking area on the Janadhipathi Mawatha, behind the Bank of Ceylon, there is a small yellow building. This is the place where the last Kandyan king and his wife were kept in prison before they were deported to India in 1815, the country of birth of this king. Portraits of the king, the queen, the British governor and the first prime minister, as well as a painting of the ship are exposed inside the cell. The Tamil speaking king was not very popular among his subjects; however, he has clearly contributed to the landmarks which has made Kandy famous: Kandy Lake and the Pattirippuva (Octagon) of the Dalada Maligawa (the Temple of the Tooth). The original building was completely destroyed by the Central Bank bomb blast; the current structure is a reconstruction of the original one.



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