In one street you can find the oldest building of Colombo, the Old Dutch Hospital from the 17th century, and one of the latest modern buildings, the World Trade Center, opened in 1997, situated opposite of each other. The architect of the two 40 stories’ identical towers of 152 m. (499 ft.) was inspired by the New York twin towers. It is the tallest structure of Sri Lanka, housing banks, offices, government departments and many commercial enterprises. The two lowest floors have a number of restaurants, airline companies and shops. Beneath the towers there is a large parking space. During the civil war between the government and the terrorist organization LTTE, which ended in 2009, two attempts took place on the WTC, of which one truck bomb attack shortly after the opening in 1997, which killed 15 people. The second attack was an attack similar to the 9/11 one in New York, but on a smaller scale, however, it failed. The airplane was shot down.

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