Earlier called Victoria Park, Viharamanahadevi is the only park of significance in Colombo, situated in the posh Cinnamon Gardens neighbourhood. Inside the park there is a war memorial to commemorate the Sri Lankan and British victims of World War I. The park has recently been redecorated and is an oasis in the otherwise busy, noisy and polluted environment. The park was constructed under British rule and is meticulously maintained by the Municipal Council. It borders the Town Hall, Public Library and the National Museum. It has a network of foot– and cycle paths, some lined with beautiful palm trees. In the middle you’ll find a lake with a suspension bridge. The several fountains and majestic trees enrich this lovely green spot. Children have a special corner where they can enjoy their time. A Buddha statue is overlooking the park, facing the Town Hall. Best time to visit the park is after 4 pm, when it’s slowly getting cooler.

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