As the oldest mosque in Slave Island the WekandaJummah Mosque is the crown jewel of Wekanda. This beautiful piece of architecture was originally built in 1786 upon a donation of the wealthy Malay Pandan Bali. He arrived with the Dutch from Indonesia (at that time called Dutch East India) with a Malay Military contingent. He married a woman from Beruwela and longing for a child, he vowed to donate a mosque and graveyard for Muslims. After his daughter was born he kept his promise and did the donation. The original mosque was much smaller. Extensions over time were done and as a mosque is not only a place of prayer, but also has a community and educational function, a madrassa (Quran school) was added, which was later upgraded and converted into a college with secular education and Islamic education, named Zahira College Slave Island. Since August 2014 there have been tours organied in the mosque every Sunday morning and afternoon.

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