Every Sunday a group of wealthy British citizens came together secretly to play cards. The club consisted of twelve respectable people who belonged to the upper class. The gossip goes that there is a secret tunnel under the sea from the bungalow, but up till now it has not been found. Furthermore the story goes that the whist club was not only for playing cards, but that illegal activities should have taken place here, such as opium use, prostitution and gambling. However these are no more than rumors. The club gathered in rotation at each member’s place for dinner. They were generous people who invited guests, some even in great numbers. The Whist Bungalow is beautifully situated at the seaside and used to have an interesting garden.


The Whist Bungalow was built at the beginning of the 19th century by an English officer and was enlarged by its next owner, Richard Morgan, whose ghost probably still wander around in the bungalow, according to the legend. It was left in 1865, when the owner moved to Cinnamon Gardens, the new area for rich people to settle down. The bungalow had been abandoned until 1987, when the Urban Development Authority had taken over the building and premises and restored it. It is currently being used for weddings and other gatherings and known as Pradeep Hall.  

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