wilpattu national park

Situated west of Anuradhapura and 26 km north of Puttalam it is the largest National Park in Sri Lanka. Experiences of visitors to the park differ, from fabulous to disappointing. The size and density of the jungle makes it more difficult to spot animals; it requires more effort and knowledge of the tracker, which you definitely need in this park. Wilpattu has been closed for a long time due to the conflict in the country and animals are not used to vehicles, so they can easily hide. The park is famous for its leopards and sloth bears and less for elephants. However a tour through this rarely visited national park could be very fascinating for u if you search for something off the mainstream and if you are interested in seeing the unspoiled beauty of Sri Lanka’s nature. The landscape is very beautiful, with dense forests, meadows and many natural lakes (willus). Most likely you will see spotted deer, wild buffaloes and many kinds of birds. You are lucky if you can see a leopard and sometimes you can see the sloth bear, crocodiles and other smaller animals. The entrance of the park is in Hunuvilagama, 7 km off the main road between the coastal town Puttalam and Anuradhapura in the Cultural Triangle. There are bungalows where you can stay close to the entrance. Pre bookings are necessary.


  • Best for: leopards and sloth bears
  • Season: February and October