It was custom in those days that every Sunday the wealthy members of the congregation would bring their own church chair (kerkstoel), from their house to the church. The chair was carried by a servant. The church chairs were master pieces of art made of precious ebony wood. When the owner of the church passed away, the church chair was usually donated to the church. It is said that some of these church chairs are nowadays in the Wolvendaal Church. The church itself is one of the oldest Dutch churches in Sri Lanka, built in 1749 on the top of the highest point in Pettah, where earlier a Roman Catholic church was situated during the Portuguese period. On weekdays the church was used as a classroom. Gravestones of prominent people are scattered around all over the floor of the church. The Wolvendaal Church has recently been restored with the support of the Netherlands Embassy. At the entrance you can see an interesting picture-collection of people connected to this church.


The other peculiar thing is that the bell of the Wolvendaal Church was not directly next to the church, but quite a distance away, at the Kayman gate. (see separate sub header). 

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